473 ml 6.2% alc/volume

STRONG BEER  – Biére Forte

DUSTY TRAIL represents the days of the journey to a new frontier.  With generous late hop additions and purposely restrained bitterness, this IPA is packed full of flavour.


473 ml 5.2% alc/volume

LIGHT BEER  – Biére Légére

DIRT, DUST, or DOIN’ NOTHIN’…anytime you deserve a light beer to quench your thirst; this Blonde Ale is crisp and refreshing.


473 ml 5.2% alc/volume

BEER  – Biére

FOR ALL those who toil…
GRUNT WORK is an easy drinking beer to reward your efforts.  Don’t be fooled by the colour; the Vienna malt makes this beer as smooth as a Lager.