About Us

With the downturn of the economy in 2016, siblings, Pam and Cory Lyken of Millarville found themselves taking a leap of faith to enter the new and exciting Craft Beer industry.

As residents of the area, building a Brewery in the Heart of the Foothills, on the Cowboy Trail just made sense. 2 years later, Hard Knox™ Brewery opened its doors May 2018, and within 10 months has earned an Alberta Beer Award, is distributed across the province in liquor stores and has many bars pouring their beers.

We strive to create a friendly community spot for locals, cyclists, and tourists alike. We offer tours, by appointment, host events and welcome the entire family, including your dog. You can enjoy a cozy atmosphere inside or bring a picnic to our outdoor beer gardens.

Our beers are unpasteurized, with no preservatives and there is a style for every palate, even wine drinkers! We are constantly experimenting to come up with unique beers, using specialty ingredients from the local area, from wild berries, spruce tips and other local vegetation native to the area.

Hard Knox™ is truly a destination to experience exceptional beers while enjoying time with family and friends.